Post-Qualifying Report Event 17: NHRA Nationals at Brainerd Brainerd International Raceway Brainerd, Minn.

Richie Crampton Sat

Richie Crampton Sat

Richie Crampton, driver of the Kalitta Air Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 5.024 sec. at 141.59 MPH
Q2: 5.098 sec. at 136.22 MPH
Q3: 3.878 sec. at 310.55 MPH
Q4: 5.509 sec. at 118.75 MPH

Starting Position: 11th
First Round Matchup: Brittany Force

Quotable: “Another first round with Brittany tomorrow with this DHL team. We will get this car turned around and be ready.”

Doug Kalitta Sat

Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Top Fuel Dragster  

Q1: 5.276 sec. at 137.93 MPH
Q2: 3.947 sec. at 257.43 MPH
Q3: 4.876 sec. at 155.40 MPH
Q4: 6.664 sec. at 107.30 MPH

Starting Position: 12th
First Round Matchup: Mike Salinas

Quotable: “Rough weekend for the Mac Tools team in qualifying. We were looking for more. However, tomorrow is a new day and we will be ready for the challenge ahead.”

Shawn Langdon Sat

Shawn Langdon, driver of the Global Electronic Technology Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.488 sec. at 200.02 MPH
Q2: 4.024 sec. at 318.39 MPH
Q3: 4.013 sec. at 320.51 MPH
Q4: 4.013 sec. at 321.04 MPH

Bonus Points: 1 pt. (Third best of the third session)
Starting Position: 6th
First Round Matchup: Bob Tasca III
Quotable: “Two good runs today with the Global Electronic Technology Camry. Third-best and fourth-best overall. We will adjust for tomorrow. A big match-up for us tomorrow with Bob Tasca III. It is not really just a 20 point win, it is a 40 point swing. It is the time of the year that everything is important. Every round is important. It is what we have been working all year for.”

JR Todd Sat

J.R. Todd, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car  

Q1: 4.070 sec. at 316.67 MPH
Q2: 4.362 sec. at 211.59 MPH
Q3: 4.023 sec. at 318.17 MPH
Q4: 4.018 sec. at 316.15 MPH

Starting Position: 8th First Round Matchup: Bob Bode
Quotable: “We have made good runs in three out of the four passes this weekend. We are still trying to run a little better than we have, but it is nice to lane choice going into tomorrow. I am excited about the performance of the car it has started to come around. We are going to keep picking away at it, and we are going to get quicker and faster for sure.”