Post-Qualifying Report Event 16: CatSpot NHRA Northwest Nationals Pacific Raceways Kent, Wash.

D Kalitta

D Kalitta

Q1: 4.360 sec. at 186.02 MPH
Q2: 3.730 sec. at 326.00 MPH
Q3: 3.913 sec. at 259.86 MPH
Q44.754 sec. at 160.35 MPH

Bonus Points: 2 pts. (Second best of the second session)
Starting Position: 2nd

First Round Matchup: Bill Litton
Quotable: “The Mac Tools team had a great run in the Friday evening session, and we have a solid spot on the qualifying sheet. We are looking to close the Western Swing strong with a win.”

Richie Crampton

Richie Crampton, driver of the Kalitta Air Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 3.792 sec. at 323.50 MPH
Q2: 10.892 sec. at 87.15 MPH
Q3: 3.950 sec. at 312.64 MPH
Q4:4.774 sec. at 152.64 MPH

Starting Position: 9th

First Round Matchup: Brittany Force
Quotable: “It has been pretty good. I am pretty happy with our efforts. The DHL/Kalitta Air team and I want some redemption from Sonoma. I am looking for a long day tomorrow.”

Shawn Langdon

Shawn Langdon, driver of the Global Electronic Technology Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.009 sec. at 318.84 MPH
Q2: 3.977 sec. at 323.37 MPH
Q3: 4.072 sec. at 315.27 MPH
Q44.017 sec. at 319.37 MPH

Bonus Points: 2 pts. (Third best of the first session, third best of the final session)
Starting Position: 6th

First Round Matchup: Jack Beckman
Quotable: “The Global Electronic Technology guys have done a great job. They turned the car around. We made some great competitive runs in qualifying. I am looking forward to tomorrow. It is a pretty tight field. Lot of good cars in the bottom half of the field, so it is going to be an interesting day. With only three races before the beginning of the Countdown, this is what we have prepared for.”

JR Todd

J.R. Todd, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 4.056 sec. at 308.43 MPH
Q2: 7.921 sec. at 84.78 MPH
Q3: 5.818 sec. at 117.15 MPH
Q44.069 sec. at 315.71 MPH

Starting Position: 13th

First Round Matchup: Bob Tasca III
Quotable: “It was not the qualifying effort that we were looking for. We struggled with a few things, but we made a couple good runs. We are just runs behind at this point. Hopefully, we got everything sorted out going into tomorrow. Good thing is tomorrow is a new day, and it is a great opportunity to turn on four win lights with all of our guests from WIX Filters here this weekend.”