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Shawn Langdon Sunday

Doug Kalitta Takes Mac Tools to Semifinals at Thunder Valley Nationals

Entering his 500thrace as the No. 1 qualifier Doug Kalitta and his Mac Tools Top Fuel dragster were primed for a long day at Bristol Dragway. The three-time Thunder Valley NHRA Nationals winner was focused on picking up win No. 46 on Father’s Day.

In the first round he squared off with Cameron Ferre and the veteran driver took care of business. Kalitta was first off the line and never let Ferre in the race leading from start to the finish line. His winning time of 3.844 seconds at 323.27 mph put him in great position for the second round.

“That first round win felt good,” said Kalitta. “We made a clean pass and got the race day started on the right foot. You want to win rounds when you are the No. 1 qualifier. I don’t feel like it is extra pressure but you should be able to have some success on race day if you are one of the quicker cars in qualifying.”

Racing against veteran driver and Top Ten contender Terry McMillen, Kalitta showed off his superior driving skills in a pedal-fest for the ages. Kalitta went right into tire smoke when he left the starting line, but he stayed patient and regained control of the Mac Tools dragster and was able to chase down McMillen who was having his own issues. Kalitta drove past McMillen right before the starting line getting the win light by less than a dragster length at the stripe.

“That second round win was crazy,” said Kalitta. “I had my hands full and I did my job as the driver. You have to be patient when you smoke the tires early. You never know what is going to happen in the other lane and you can’t control that. I was able to get back on the throttle and get another round win for this Mac Tools top Fuel dragster.”

In the semifinals Kalitta made a clean pass but it was not enough to advance to his 98thfinals round. Racing eventual winner Mike Salinas, both drivers left together but Kalitta was barely outrun at the finish. Both racers made quick and clean runs with Kalitta’s 3.887 not getting the better of his opponent’s 3.817 second run.

“We just lost a close race in the semis. We made a clean run and I have to give my Mac Tools guys a lot of credit. We smoked the tires in the second round and we came right back in the semifinals and got it together. I am excited to be heading to Norwalk with this team,” added Kalitta.

Kalitta will head to the Norwalk, Ohio national evert No. 2 in the Mello Yello point standings.

Doug Kalitta on racing on Father’s Day: “It was cool to have my son Mitchell here. I would have liked to have gotten the win but we had a great day together. He has been working on the car and it is just awesome to have him around the team.” 

Qualified: No. 1 (3.755 sec., 324.67 mph) 
Bonus points: +3 (Quickest of Q2)

Race Details: 

First Round
Driver                                    Qual        R/T         ET           MPH  
Doug Kalitta                     1             .070        3.844      323.27 (W)
Cameron Ferre                     16           .072         4.124      253.99
Second Round
Driver                                    Qual       R/T         ET             MPH  
Doug Kalitta                          1            .065        5.010       248.02 (W)
Terry McMillen                        8            .026        5.103       147.07  
Driver                                    Qual          R/T         ET           MPH  
Doug Kalitta                          1              .069        3.887       320.66
Mike Salinas                           5              .046        3.817       320.20 (W)

Shawn Langdon Sunday

Global Electronic Technology Toyota Camry Races to Quarterfinals in Bristol

The Global Electronic Technology Toyota Camry Funny Car and driver Shawn Langdon were starting the Thunder Valley NHRA Nationals from their highest qualifying position of 2019. As the No. 2 qualifier Langdon was continuing a streak of strong qualifying runs over the past five races, qualifying in the top half of the tough Funny Car category.

In the first round Langdon was off to a great start with a starting line reaction time advantage. The Global Electronic Technology Funny Car never trailed and posted a solid 4.099 second run at 307.93 mph for the win.

“That run I felt really set us up well for race day,” said Langdon. “We did exactly what we needed to do. We got the round win and made a clean run.”

Heading into the second round once again Langdon was off the starting line first and it took the quickest pass of the second round to defeat the NHRA Caroline Nationals winner. Langdon’s elapsed time of 4.080 seconds would have outrun a number of the other competitors in the second round.“

I am not going to hang my head about that round,” said Langdon. “I got off the starting line first and we made a pretty good run with the Global Electronic Technology Camry. We would be heading to the semifinals if the ladder was different. You have to take the positive away from this and we have a really good racecar right now.”

Langdon on heading to Norwalk: “I wish we could get on the track tomorrow. I am really happy with this Global Electronic Technology Toyota Camry. We can run with anyone.”  

Qualified: No. 2 (3.944 sec., 324.51 mph) 
Bonus points: +3 (3rdquickest of Q1 and 2ndquickest of Q2)

Race Details:First Round

Driver                                    Qual           R/T         ET           MPH  
Shawn Langdon                    2              .104        4.099        307.93 (W)          
Jeff Diehl                                15             .144        6,528        100.47
Second Round
Driver                                    Qual          R/T         ET             MPH 
Shawn Langdon                   2               .068        4.080        309.27
Ron Capps                             7              .089         4.005        312.28 (W)

JR Todd Sunday

J.R. Todd and DHL Camry Advance to Quarterfinals at Thunder Valley

After a solid qualifying effort at the Thunder Valley NHRA Nationals J.R. Todd was eager to get race day started. He faced Terry Haddock in the first round and the reigning Top Fuel champion was full of confidence on race day behind the wheel of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car.

>From the second the race started Todd was out in front, pulling away in his DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car for the first round win. Todd’s 4.048 second run at 311.27 mph overpower Haddock and advanced Todd, a three time 2019 finalist, to the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinal round Todd was giving up lane choice to his opponent but the DHL Funny Car team felt they could lay down a competitive run to advance to the semifinals. Both Funny Cars left together but Todd had to pedal his Funny Car and that gave the opposing Funny Car enough of a gap to get to the finish line first.

“If it was easy, you’d have a lot more cars out here,” said Todd, at the end of the day. ”It wasn’t the conditions that beat us today. Other cars were getting down the track. We don’t have any excuses. We smoked the tires. It’s hard to negotiate when the heat goes up. We just missed it in the second round. Now we have to put it behind us and be ready for Norwalk in five days.”
J.R. Todd on heading to Norwalk: “We have been on the road for almost a month. We have been going rounds but haven’t picked up a win yet. Conditions have been hot and cool and we have run well in both. We just haven’t put a full package together yet. We will get there.” 

Qualified: No. 5 (3.984 sec., 318.99 mph)
Bonus points: +1 (3rdquickest of Q3)

Race Details:
First Round
Driver                                    Qual          R/T         ET           MPH  
J.R. Todd                               5              .076        4.048       311.27 (W)
Terry Haddock                       12             .131        4.217       291.76
Second Round
Driver                                    Qual          R/T         ET             MPH 
J.R. Todd                              5               .059        4.397        284.81
Jack Beckman                       4              .059        4.076         315.64 (W)

Richie Crampton Sunday

Richie Crampton and DHL dragster Out Early In Bristol

The DHL Top Fuel dragster was heading into race day as the No. 9 qualifier and Richie Crampton was facing Terry McMillen for the fourth time this season. Last week it was Crampton getting the first round win in Kansas.

Today Crampton was not able to make it two weekends in a row with a victory over McMillen. Off the starting line Crampton was behind and he never was able to make up the head start afforded his opponent. The DHL dragster was aggressive and went up and smoking leaving Crampton no choice but to clink it off and begin to focus on the next race in Norwalk, Ohio.

“That was definitely not what we were looking for,” said Crampton. I think we were pretty fortunate that the other people we are fighting with in points struggled as well. We are going to put this behind us and go on to the next one.”

“We smoked the tires which is tough. He was definitely there for the taking. Between the way I drove and smoking the tires it just wasn’t our day,” added Crampton.

Richie Crampton on four races in a row: “We are grinding at this point. You have to take the positives from every race. There are things we are learning with every pass. We just need to put them all together. No one is giving up over here and we are going to give it our all in Norwalk in a few days.”

Qualified: No. 9 (3.807 sec., 320.13 mph)
Bonus points: 0

Race Details: 

First Round
Driver                                    Qual           R/T         ET           MPH  
Richie Crampton             9              .114        4.781       155.99
Terry McMillen                         8              .055        4.045       291.51 (W)