1908 04192 8132

2018 Funny Car Champion Todd Comes Close to Delivering a Birthday Wally for Team Owner; Runner-Up Finish

Race Recap: Todd came into today with an overall career 54% win record. This was his 198th first round appearance in both TF and FC.  In round one, Todd faced Terry Haddock and was in trouble right off the line and had to pedal early. He gathered the Toyota Camry back up and took the long way down for the win; Haddock was late and then has issues early and he lifts and coasts. Second round Todd faced off with Tommy Johnson, Jr.  Just 0.007 difference in RT’s, but Johnson’s engine dropped a cylinder immediately and quickly brought the car to a stop. Todd ran his best speed of the weekend to take the win. The semi final round paired him up with tough competitor and number one qualifier Robert Hight. Todd got a big starting line advantage and earns his way to his eighteenth final round with his best ET of the day and fastest speed of the weekend. Hight was late and couldn’t match Todd’s performance. Moving into the final round, his opponent Hagan had lane choice by just 0.003 seconds.  An unfortunate malfunction with the safety system caused the DHL Toyota Camry to backfire at the green and pop out the chutes to coast to a stop at about 100 feet. 

Todd has a career seventeen wins and twelve runner-ups, with eight wins and two runner-ups in Funny Car.

Qualified: No. 5 (3.911 sec., 321.35 mph) 

Round 1            
LANE DRIVER Qualifying Position Reaction Time ET MPH W/L
Left Terry Haddock 12 0.143 4.667 182.62 L
Right J.R. Todd 5 0.081 4.655 215.03
Round 2            
Left Tommy Johnson Jr. 4 0.059 5.048 134.74 L
Right J.R. Todd 5 0.052 3.967 323.27
Round 3            
Left J.R. Todd 5 0.073 3.919 327.19
Right Robert Hight 1 0.139 3.922 326.24 L
Round 4            
Left J.R. Todd 5 0.077 L
Right Matt Hagan 2 0.048 3.89 325.06


1908 04192 8132

Another Second Round Advancement for Langdon; Building a Solid Baseline

Race Recap: Langdon has already made 480 rounds of racing in both TF and FC. He has a career 55% win record, with a 63% round one win record. This weekend he added one more round win, defeating Cruz Pedregon in round one. Pedregon hit the tree with a “good guess” 0.006 light and stayed out in front to near the 330 lights, where the tires came loose and Langdon just flew on by for a decisive win. Langdon had lane choice over round two opponent Matt Hagan by just 0.008 seconds.  Langdon got a small starting line advantage, but Hagan would eventually hold on for the win

Qualified: No. 7 (3.940 sec., 325.30 mph) 

Round 1            
LANE DRIVER Qualifying Position Reaction Time ET MPH W/L
Left Cruz Pedregon 10 0.006 5.244 144.18 L
Right Shawn Langdon 7 0.067 3.911 326.24
Round 2            
Left Matt Hagan 2 0.084 3.894 327.19
Right Shawn Langdon 7 0.06 3.951 326.48 L


1908 01428 8120

Kalitta Makes History in Phoenix

Race Recap: Doug Kalitta’s first round win in Phoenix put him at 24 round wins at the Wild Horse Pass, the most for any active Top Fuel driver. Against first round opponent, Jim Maroney, Kalitta had the starting line advantage and never trailed for the win. He gave up lane choice to his second round Vandergriff in the next round. Jordan Vandergriff’s MOV: 0.0308 seconds (approximately 15 feet). Vandergriff will give up lane choice to Torrence in the semifinal. Kalitta with his quickest pass of the weekend in the losing effort.

Qualified: No. 5 (3.737 sec., 326.95 mph) 

Round 1            
LANE DRIVER Qualifying Position Reaction Time ET MPH W/L
Left Jim Maroney 12 0.084 6.447 97.24 L
Right Doug Kalitta 5 0.064 3.741 322.42
Round 2            
Left Doug Kalitta 5 0.082 3.735 327.51 L
Right Jordan Vandergriff 4 0.053 3.734 323.89 W


1908 01418 8119

Crampton Looks Forward to Repeating Win at Gatornationals after First Round Defeat

Race Recap: For the second race in a row, Crampton faced opponent Terry McMillen. Going into the round, the two had a tied record against each other (3 wins/3 losses). Despite the early lead by Crampton and his DHL Dragster team, the car hazed the tires around half track, allowing McMillen to drive around. 

Qualified: No. 15 (6.069 sec., 101.77 mph) 

Round 1            
LANE DRIVER Qualifying Position Reaction Time ET MPH W/L
Left Richie Crampton 15 0.064 4.061 215.79 L
Right Terry McMillen 2 0.068 3.726 329.02 W