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Chassis Shop Team

Chuck Lett Brian Nelson Chris Caspers Kourtney Peters

Chuck Lett
Chassis Shop Manager


Brian Nelson
Chassis Shop Assistant

Chris Casper
Carbon Fiber Specialist

Kourtney Peters
Chassis/Fabrication Shop Assistant


Machine Shop Team

Brian Landry dallas permeter andrew hatfield2 Corey Kalitta
Brian Landry
Machine Shop Manager
Dallas Permeter
Andrew Hatfield
Corey Kalitta


CNC Shop Team

tim evans zeke thompson Scott Finnis Jason Fairbanks
Tim Evans
CNC Shop Manager
Zeke Thompson
Machinist/CNC Operator
Scott Finnis
Machinist/CNC Operator
Jason Fairbanks
Machinist/CNC Operator


Office Support Team

Chrissy Danowski Shawn LaJoice patricia nielsen john sullivan
Chrissy Danowski
Office Manager
Shawn LaJoice
Accounting/DOT Specialist
Patricia Nielsen
Assistant to the Vice President
John Sullivan


Marketing Sponsor Support Team

Rachel DeLago Sarah Rauen Bob Lawson Chris Hill
Rachel DeLago
General Manager
Sarah Rauen
Marketing Coordinator
Bob Lawson
Business Manager
Chris Hill
Hospitality Manager
Luke Fath150 Sarah Ryan Jeff Mohr Cody Poor
Luke Fath
Sarah Ryan
Jeff Mohr
Cody Poor
Public Relations
Ashley Oberhofer
Ashley Oberhofer
Social Media Coordinator
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