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Doug Kalitta

Kalitta earns third straight Pomona final

Race Recap: Kalitta returned to Pomona with momentum after a solid closing to Nitro Spring Testing in Phoenix. The Mac Tools team proved they would be one to watch early on in qualifying.

Kalitta, crew chief Jim Oberhofer and the Mac Tools team had never run a 3.6 second pass in an official event, and took care of that in the first qualifying pass setting the early mark to beat. Kalitta eventually slipped to no.2 overall, but reset his career-best elapsed time twice, earned eight of nine possible bonus points and ran three straight 3.6 second runs.

The Mac Tools team continued their run on raceday. First up was Steve Faria, and the Mac Tools team was not taking anyone lightly. Kalitta blazed the track in 3.696 seconds, which was low elapsed time of round one giving him lane choice in the second stanza versus Terry McMillen.

McMillen and Kalitta left together, but Kalitta steadily pulled away as the Mac Tools team again laid down best elapsed time of the round with a 3.687 second run moving him to the semi-finals against last season's champ, Antron Brown.

With the world watching live on FOX, Kalitta gave them a run to watch. He moved first on the line and pulled away from Brown moving the Mac Tools Toyota driver to his third straight Pomona final.

The Pomona final was the seventh career Pomona final and 88th overall. It allowed the Mac Tools driver to hold a top three spot in the point standings for the 25th race in a row, which leads the Top Fuel class.

Kalitta's run ended to Leah Pritchett in the final. After he took a starting line advantage, the Mac Tools ride encountered troubles and Pritchett was able to pick up the win.

Qualified: No. 2 (3.696 sec., 329.91 mph) **CAREER-BEST ET**

E1: Kalitta defeated Faria - 3.696 sec., 329.91 mph to 4.246 sec., 230.92 mph

E2: Kalitta defeated McMillen - 3.687 sec., 330.55 mph to 4.335 sec., 170.86 mph

E3: Kalitta defeated Brown - 3.698 sec., 331.85 mph to 3.731 sec., 324.90 mph

Final: Kalitta defeated by Pritchett - 7.630 sec., 103.85 mph to 3.711 sec., 324.98 mph

Quotable: “Tough finish to an outstanding weekend for the Mac Tools team. I am so proud of Jim O and the whole Mac Tools Toyota group. We had stellar pass after stellar pass. I am already ready for Phoenix and hopefully a little of redemption."

Point Standings: Second (-17); trails Leah Pritchett by 17 points for first; leads Antron Brown by 26 for third

Troy Coughlin Jr

Coughlin Jr. claims first career round win

Race Recap: The long awaited professional debut of Troy Coughlin Jr. in a Top Fuel machine drew much excitement to the SealMaster pit. However, even with much thrill surrounding the first race of Coughlin's career, the 26-year-old driver was focused.

The Connie Kalitta and Rob Flynn-tuned machine was consistent throughout qualifying as Coughlin held the early lead with a 3.730 second pass before earning a top half starting spot in his debut as the SealMaster Toyota ride achieved the sixth starting spot.

His first-ever Top Fuel opponent was former boat racer Shawn Reed. The pair was the final Top Fuel duo to see the track but Coughlin was prepared. He got around Reed early on and powered by him by 1,000 foot line earning his first career round win.

His first event ended in the second round as defending Top Fuel champion Antron Brown was able to take the round win. However, Coughlin was upbeat about his first event and looked forward to returning to the seat in two weeks in Phoenix.

Qualified: No. 6 (3.730 sec., 322.81 mph)

E1: Coughlin Jr. defeated Reed - 3.728 sec., 328.46 mph to 3.854 sec., 316.60 mph **CAREER-BEST MPH**

E2: Coughlin Jr. defeated by Brown - 3.727 sec., 327.35 mph to 3.733 sec., 325.69 mph **CAREER-BEST ET**

Quotable: “Not a bad day. We came into the race with a bunch of thoughts on how these things work, so now we have less thoughts going into this next race. Need to keep getting used to the process on the starting line and hone in on it. Connie Kalitta, Rob Flynn and the SealMaster Toyota guys have this thing working so consistently. They are giving me a car to compete in, a winner's circle bandit, so I need to get ahold of my end of it and enjoy it."

Point Standings: Sixth (-71); trails Brittany Force by three points for fifth, leads Steve Torrence by one point for seventh


Todd hits milestone 150th career round win in Funny Car debut

Race Recap: Last time Todd was at the Auto Club Raceway of Pomona, he was setting records as a Top Fuel driver. He took the SealMaster ride from the no.1 qualifier to his sixth final round appearance of the 2016 season.

This time, he was a Funny Car driver. 11 years after his Top Fuel debut, Todd was taking over a new challenge as the driver of DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car.

Todd was up to the challenge. His first lap down the track nearly earned bonus points and he slotted in fourth. Mechanical issues dogged the DHL team on Saturday and he was bumped to 11th, but Todd was solidly qualified in his first Funny Car event.

His first Funny Car opponent would prove to be the veteran Tim Wilkerson. Todd moved first and led all the way down the track earning his first career Funny Car round win and 150th of his career. The day would end in the second round despite another solid lap, however, it was a great debut for the new driver of the DHL Toyota.

Qualified: No. 11 (3.936 sec., 329.42 mph)

E1: Todd defeated Wilkerson - 3.902 sec., 330.72 mph to 6.970 sec., 112.50 mph **CAREER BEST FUNNY CAR ET & MPH**

E2: Todd defeated by C. Force - 3.930 sec., 329.02 mph to 3.892 sec., 326.08 mph

Quotable: "Basically today was our first runs of the year because of the issues we had. We will go into Phoenix with race car we can work with. Pretty good debut in this DHL Toyota."

Point Standings: Tied for Sixth (-67); tied with Tommy Johnson Jr. and Del Worsham

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All photos are courtesy of Gary Nastase Photography

Alexis DeJoria

DeJoria suffers tough first round defeat

Race Recap: DeJoria started the season with a new co-crew chief in Nicky Boninfante and renewed excitement for a new season. That excitement extended through qualifying as DeJoria earned two bonus points and started in the seventh position.

Her first foe was last season's championship runner-up, Tommy Johnson Jr. The Tequila Patrón Toyota was gaining on Johnson Jr. when it suffered a mechanical problem ending DeJoria's day in the first round.

Qualified: No. 7 (3.879 sec., 330.39 mph)

E1: DeJoria defeated by Johnson Jr. - 4.148 sec., 229.24 mph to 3.938 sec., 323.89 mph

Point Standings: 10th (-84); trails Robert Hight by one point for ninth, leads Tim Wilkerson by one point for 11th

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Photo is courtesy of Gary Nastase Photography.

Doug Kalitta

Doug Kalitta, driver of the Mac Tools Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 3.697 sec. at 325.69 MPH
Q2: Cancelled due to persistent rain
Q3: 3.686 sec. at 329.58 MPH
Q4: 3.693 sec. at 317.49 MPH

Bonus Points: 8 pts (Best of first session, best of the third session, second best of the fourth session)
Starting Position: 2nd
First Round Matchup: Shawn Reed
Quotable: "Great way to start the season for this Mac Tools Toyota team. Three incredible passes by Jim Oberhofer and all of these Mac Tools guys. We are excited about the opportunity to race for the win tomorrow."
Notes: The 3.686 second pass is Doug's career-best elapsed time. He reset his career-best elapsed time in the first round as well with a 3.697 second pass. These three passes are the three quickest passes of Kalitta's career.

Troy Coughlin Jr., driver of the SealMaster Top Fuel Dragster

Q1: 3.730 sec. at 322.81 MPH
Q2: Cancelled due to persistent rain
Q3: 3.769 sec. at 320.28 MPH
Q4: 3.731 sec. at 323.89 MPH

Starting Position: 6th
First Round Matchup: Shawn Reed
Quotable: "I think this weekend has gone really well so far considering the circumstances. I have not made that many runs and I am still getting used to the process on what these races take. I am excited to qualify for my first race. The SealMaster Toyota guys worked so hard this weekend and are doing an awesome job. We have a tough competitor tomorrow in Shawn Reed. Just really honored to be involved on Sunday. I do not think I have really fathomed all of it yet."
Note: The 3.730 second pass at 322.81 mph run was Troy Coughlin Jr.'s first official NHRA Top Fuel pass. The 3.730 second pass from the first session and the 323.89 mph of the final session are his current career-bests.

JR Todd

J.R. Todd, driver of the DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 3.936 sec. at 329.42 MPH
Q2: Cancelled due to persistant rain
Q3: 4.564 sec. at 186.92 MPH
Q4: 9.033 sec. at 74.08 MPH

Starting Position: 11th
First Round Matchup: Tim Wilkerson
Quotable: "I am glad we got this DHL Toyota down the track yesterday. I hope we have all of the bugs worked out before we go racing tomorrow."
Note: The 3.936 second pass at 329.42 mph is the first official Funny Car pass in J.R. Todd's career. Both of those numbers rank as Todd's current career-best.

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Cody Poor
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All photos are courtesy of Gary Nastase Photography.

Alexis DeJoria

Alexis DeJoria, driver of the Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car

Q1: 3.932 sec. at 304.94 MPH
Q2: Cancelled due to persistant rain
Q3: 4.666 sec. at 142.10 MPH
Q4: 3.879 sec. at 330.39 MPH

Starting Position: 7th
First Round Matchup: Tommy Johnson Jr.

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Photo is courtesy of Gary Nastase Photography.

#NHRAonFOX Telecast information:
02/12 Qualifying (FS1) - 2:00am - 3:00am
02/12 Race (FOX) - 4:00pm - 7:00pm - LIVE

All times are EST.

Doug Kalitta

POMONA, Calif. (Feb. 10, 2017) – Doug Kalitta claimed the provisional no.1 qualifier for the Circle K Winternationals at Auto Club Raceway of Pomona earlier this evening.

Kalitta was the last pair in the Top Fuel class to see the track in his Mac Tools Top Fuel dragster. His Jim Oberhofer-tuned machine blazed down the track in a career-best 3.697 seconds at 325.69 mph to lead the stout Top Fuel field. Rainfall cancelled the second session of qualifying.

"After running that .69 in testing in this Mac Tools Toyota dragster, I can tell you I really wanted to come here and run it officially," said Kalitta. "We love coming here. The track is always maintained well. After our season-ending win last season, we hope to take this all the way and make it two straight."

This effort continues a strong run at Auto Club Raceway for Pomona for the Mac Tools driver. He was the only Top Fuel driver to earn final round appearances at both Pomona events last season. He has two career wins and six no.1 qualifiers at the facility, with his most recent no.1 qualifier coming in the the spring of 2014.

If the no.1 qualifier run sticks through the remainder of Saturday qualifying, it will be the second straight no.1 qualifer for Team Kalitta at Pomona. Kalitta's teammate, J.R. Todd, took the Top Fuel no.1 qualifer in the fall with a track-best 3.680 second run.

The entire Kalitta Motorsports fleet had a great start to the 2017 season. Kalitta's rookie Top Fuel teammate, Troy Coughlin Jr., had a solid 3.730 second pass to place fourth overall. In Funny Car, Alexis DeJoria earned one bonus point in the first session and ranks fourth. J.R. Todd's official Funny Car debut slotted him one spot behind his teammate in the fifth position.

The remainder of nitro qualifying will begin at 1:00pm local time tomorrow.

Doug Kalitta

Kalitta makes plans for second straight Pomona win

Pomona Highlights: Two wins (Fall 2016, Spring 2009); Six finals (Spring 2016, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2010, Spring 2004, Fall 1999); Six no.1 qualifiers (Spring 2014, Fall 2006, Fall 2004, Spring 2004, Spring 2003, Spring 2001)

2016 Winternationals Event Recap: Qualified second; Finalist (Defeated Scott Palmer in the first round, Antron Brown in the quarter-finals, J.R. Todd in the semi-finals, lost to Steve Torrence in the finals.)

2016 Auto Club Finals Event Recap: Qualified second; Race Winner (Defeated Shawn Reed in the first round, Tony Schumacher in the quarter-finals, Shawn Langdon in the semi-finals and J.R. Todd in the final)

Quotable: “We had a great test with this Mac Tools Toyota Top Fuel machine and Pomona was great to us last season! The Mac Tools team is really focused on making each race count and we cannot wait to get back to racing this weekend at historic Auto Club Raceway, especially after winning here last fall.”

Career Stats: 434 starts, 589 round wins (10th all-time), 42 wins (Fifth all-time in Top Fuel), 87 finals, 47 no.1 qualifiers (13th all-time)

2016 Season Stats: Four wins (Houston, Atlanta, Topeka, Pomona-II); Four no.1 qualifiers (Phoenix, Atlanta, Norwalk, Charlotte-II); Two finals (Pomona-I, Charlotte-II); 44 round wins; second in the final standings

Noteworthy: could become the ninth driver to hit 600 round wins this season; also will reach 1,000 career rounds competed early this year; uncle Connie Kalitta scored first NHRA win at the Winternationals in 1967

Troy in the Sealmaster TF

Rookie Coughlin Jr. desires solid debut

Noteworthy: First career pro event; a leading candidate for Auto Club Road to Future trophy (best rookie driver); father is former Pro Mod champion (Troy Coughlin Sr.); uncle is former Pro Stock champion (Jeg Coughlin Jr.)

Quotable: “The test session was very valuable to me and the SealMaster Toyota guys as they worked so hard having this car ready 13 times in four days. It is such a learning curve from the seat that it is humbling in many ways. I cannot thank Connie (Kalitta), Rob (Flynn) and my SealMaster team enough for having patience with me. The car is so much faster and different than anything I have ever driven. We are as ready as we can be for Pomona. I am taking it one lap at a time as the learning never stops in the sport of drag racing.”

Career Info: Five national event wins (Three in Super Gas, Two in Super Comp); 2013 Division III Super Gas Champion; 2015 NHRA Pro Mod Rookie of the Year


Todd, former Winternationals champ, looks forward to new challenge

Pomona Highlights: One win (Spring 2007-TF); One final (Fall 2016-TF); One No.1 qualifiers (Fall 2016-TF); Auto Club Raceway Track Elapsed Time Record Holder (Top Fuel)

2016 Winternationals Event Recap: Qualified 11th; Semi-finalist (Defeated Brittany Force in the first round and Terry McMillen in the quarter-finals, lost to Doug Kalitta in the semi-finals)

2016 Auto Club Finals Event Recap: Qualified first; Finalist (Defeated Troy Buff in the first round, Richie Crampton in the quarter-finals and Antron Brown in the semi-finals, lost to Doug Kalitta in the finals)

Quotable: “It was good to be able to get some full runs under my belt in this DHL Toyota. Each time it seemed like I was getting more and more comfortable but that just comes with time. Now it is time to go to Pomona and have some fun.”

Career Stats: 148 starts, 149 round wins, 9 wins, 19 finals, 9 no.1 qualifiers

2016 Season Stats: One win (Sonoma); Three finals (Atlanta, Norwalk, Chicago); One no.1 qualifier (Pomona-II); 37 round wins; fourth in the finals standings

Noteworthy: Debut Funny Car event; Track record Top Fuel run was the fifth quickest in NHRA history (3.680); next round win will give Todd 150 round wins for career; attempting to become the 16th driver in NHRA history with a Top Fuel and Funny Car win; Todd Smith joins Jon Oberhofer as co-crew chiefs on the DHL Toyota Camry; DHL celebrating 10th year of NHRA sponsorship
PR Contact:

(Doug Kalitta, Troy Coughlin Jr., J.R. Todd)
Cody Poor
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All photos are courtesy of Gary Nastase Photography.

Alexis DeJoria

DeJoria Pomona pre-race notes

2016 Winternationals Event Recap: Qualified fourth; Quarter-final finish (Defeated James Campbell in the first round, lost to Del Worsham in the quarter-finals)

Career Stats: 116 starts, 82 round wins, 4 wins, 7 finals, 4 no.1 qualifiers

2016 Season Stats: One win (Las Vegas-I); One semi-final (Bristol); One No. 1 qualifier (Charlotte-I); 13 round wins; 10th in the final standings

Noteworthy: Tommy DeLago is joined by Nicky Boninfante as co-crew chiefs on the Tequila Patrón Toyota Camry Funny Car
For further requests on Alexis DeJoria, please contact:

Allison McCormick
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Photo is courtesy of Gary Nastase.

Wix Filters

GASTONIA, N.C. (Jan. 25, 2017) – WIX® Filters, a global manufacturer of filtration products, has joined Kalitta Motorsports as a chief technical partner through a multi-platform sponsorship agreement and has been named the Official Filters of Team Kalitta, which competes in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

J.R. Todd will be WIX Filters' lead NHRA driver, with his DHL Toyota Camry Funny Car featuring associate branding from WIX. Todd will debut the car at the February 10th Circle K Winternationals at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona.

“Our partnership with Kalitta Motorsports is a continuation of a great history with cars competing in NHRA, and reflects the shared value of high-performing engines,” said Jennifer Gibson, brand manager for WIX. “We’re looking forward to a successful season with the entire Kalitta team.”

Race teams have relied on the quality and performance of WIX Filters for 60 years, and in return the track provides exceptional R&D testing grounds for WIX engineers. With Team Kalitta, WIX will see its filters perform in the Top Fuel and Funny Car competition, where cars reach top performance speeds of more than 330 mph in less than 3.7 seconds. In addition to Todd’s car, the WIX Filters logo also will be seen on Team Kalitta entries driven by Troy Coughlin Jr., Alexis DeJoria, Doug Kalitta and Paul Lee.

“It’s exciting to announce a partnership with an iconic brand like WIX Filters as we start this new NHRA season,” said Todd. “WIX Filters is the best in the filter world, and we plan on following that lead by celebrating many wins with their customers this year.”

Jim Oberhofer, vice president of operations for Kalitta, said this new partnership with WIX Filters has been a part of what has been an exciting offseason for Kalitta Motorsports.

“I know J.R. is going to do a great job representing WIX and all of their customers,” said Oberhofer. “WIX and Team Kalitta mesh extremely well, and we plan on making this a long and lasting relationship.”

For more information on WIX, please visit

wix filters

globalYPSILANTI, Mich. (January 24, 2017) – With the 2017 NHRA season nearing its starting date, Kalitta Motorsports is excited to welcome Global Electronic Technology to their sponsorship family. Global Electronic Technology will be a major associate sponsor on the Mac Tools Top Fuel dragster driven by Doug Kalitta and also will have branding on the remainder of the full-time Kalitta Motorsports entries driven by Troy Coughlin Jr., Alexis DeJoria and J.R. Todd.

“I am really excited about this deal with Global Electronic Technology,” said Jim Oberhofer, Vice President of Operations, Kalitta Motorsports. “Steve and Samantha Bryson (owners of Global Electronic Technology) are great people and we have found such synergy in what we do. We know this relationship will be beneficial to both parties.”

“The Brysons have become fast friends and I am thrilled to be able to make them official members of the Team Kalitta family.”

Based in Torrance, CA, Global Electronic Technology has over a quarter century of expertise in the payment processing industry. The Global Electronic Technology team is committed to setting the standard by delivering the most advanced technological packages in the payment processing industry, which makes our team one of the most knowledgeable in the world. Global Electronic Technology is also committed to pioneering new business opportunities for owners by delivering daily data that can improve a company’s competitive position in the marketplace. Their vision and technical prowess is reflected in Global Electronic Technology’s vigilant focus on innovative solutions for the transaction processing of today and tomorrow.

“Both Samantha and I are ecstatic to join the Kalitta family as their newest sponsor. It’s like living a lifelong dream to be a football player and ending up on the Super Bowl team the very first year,” said Global Electronic Technology CEO and Founder Steve Bryson. “Both organizations are competitive and family oriented. That is what makes this a fast and competitive alignment.”

The Global Electronic Technology logos will make their Team Kalitta debut as NHRA kicks off the 2017 season at the Circle K Winternationals at Auto Club Raceway of Pomona on February 10-12.

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Top Fuel (Unofficial)

1. Leah Pritchett (494)
2. Antron Brown (440)
3. Tony Schumacher (438)
4. Doug Kalitta (358)
5. Steve Torrence (352) 
6. Brittany Force (292)
7. Clay Millican (269)
8. Troy Coughlin Jr. (228)
9. Terry McMillen (195)
10. Scott Palmer (180)
17. Shawn Langdon (32)

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1. Matt Hagan (400)
2. Ron Capps (398)
3. John Force (371)
4. Tommy Johnson Jr. (357)
5. Robert Hight (301)
5. Courtney Force (301)
7. Jack Beckman (282)
8. Jonnie Lindberg (235)
9. J.R. Todd (222)
10. Jim Campbell (211)
11. Alexis DeJoria (208)